We offer wide variety of professional IT service, from simple local aera network project to producing dedicated software. Services are described below:

Control cabinet

Our company is designing and manufacturing control cabinets according to customers needs. We also provide installation of them. We also perform dedicated product from provided by customer documentation.

Industrial automation

Company is creating industrial automation systems with dedicated software for PLC controllers (ie. B&R). We also offer of producing dedicated software for microcontrolers (ie. Arduino).

Local Area Networks

Company is designing Local Area Networks topology for companies. Prepared projects are professional with great care for choosing best solution in given budget range. Our design also focuses on best accuracy and reliability.

Data recovery

For customers for whom information is money and their hard drive was damaged we inform, not everything is lost. Broken hard drive doesn’t mean it should thrown away, instead of doing that send it to us.



We provide IT outsourcing service for companies on Android and Java platform. Company is also open for other proposals from programing outsourcing espetially in field of industry automation.